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Home and Away spoilers: Will Brody Morgan and Simone Bedford break-up?

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Simone is SHOCKED when she discovers the rental application was rejected because of Brody's criminal past and drug addiction...

Simone Bedford regrets accusing her Summer Bay High boss Maggie Astoni of sabotaging her and Brody Morgan's attempt to rent their own place in Yabbie Creek.

Maggie has cryptically suggested that Simone investigate Brody's past if she wants to discover the REAL reason the couple's rental application was rejected.

Brody eventually decides to come clean and admit he's to blame for the hold-up, as their application was rejected because of his criminal record and past drug addiction!

As Simone reels from the revelations, she realises she doesn't know Brody as well as she thought she did. Will she now put the brakes on BOTH their house-hunting and their relationship?

Elsewhere, there's a squabble between teenagers Raffy Morrison and Bella Nixon, with Bella annoyed by Raffy's continued hostile attitude towards their support teacher, Simone.

Raffy still clearly blames Simone for breaking-up Brody and Ziggy's marriage and is not impressed by Bella's loyalty to the teacher. Can Raffy's boyfriend Ryder Jackson help keep the peace?

Home and Away, Jett Palmer

There's some worrying news for Jett... (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Jett Palmer is out of hospital and moving back in with parents Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer.

But the Palmer house is soon rocked by some shock news when injured soldier Jett hears he is under investigation by the Army about the explosion in Afghanistan that killed two of his colleagues and left him in a wheelchair...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5