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Home and Away spoilers: Will Colby Thorne arrest Willow over Alf's attack?

Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Colby Thorne, Willow Harris

Colby is officially back in the police force and begins investigating Alf's attack at the Surf Club. Will Willow and Dean be exposed?

Colby is excited to be back on the beat after being reinstated to his rank of Senior Constable following the police Tribunal. But little does he know, his first case will find him investigating best friends Dean and Willow...

After Alf asks Colby if there's been any update on catching the thugs who knocked him to the ground during a break-in at Salt, Colby promises to look into it. But when Colby hears a recording of the caller who dialled for emergency help after Alf's attack, he is shocked to recognise Willow's voice! Is Colby about to rumble Dean and Willow, who were the ones who collided with Alf on the night they broke into Salt?

Meanwhile, Willow is trying to get her life back on track after landing in debt due to her gambling addiction. She is thrilled when Alf manages to convince grumpy John to give Willow her old job back at the Surf Club, despite being caught stealing. But just as Alf is giving Willow the good news, Colby arrives to question Willow in connection with Alf's attack...

It's a full house at The Farmhouse now Maggie is home from hospital and Ziggy's husband Brody has moved in too. Brody is finding life with the entire family a bit too much. But when he comes up with an idea to clear-out the cottage at the back of the Morgan house for him and Ziggy to live in, will she go for the idea?

Still struggling with the dilemma of whether to go ahead with the IVF treatment, it suddenly occurs to Tori she has practically raised her three brothers Morgan, Brody and Justin and would make great mum material. So she decides to pursue her dream and fills out the IVF paperwork to get things moving.

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