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Home and Away spoilers: Will Justin find out the truth about Dean's debts?

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Justin Morgan

As Dean gets in deeper with loan shark Brett, will Justin discover the trouble he's got himself into trying to pay-off Willow's gambling debts?

Dean is still carrying around the mystery backpack and awaiting further instructions from loan shark Brett about the dodgy job he wants him to carry out. When Dean catches-up with Justin on the beach to ask how Willow is doing, Justin is surprised to hear Dean has found a way to cover Willow's gambling debts. But when Justin wants to know more, will Dean reveal the truth about the deal he has made with Brett?

Elsewhere, doctor Tori tries to help Willow sees sense over her gambling addiction and realise both ex-boyfriends, Justin and Dean are not to blame for her predicament. Tori suggests Willow seek help from a counsellor or a support group like Gamblers Annonymous. But will stubborn Willow agree?

As Maggie prepares for the transplant, daughter Ziggy and new hubby Brody's honeymoon is still on hold while Ben visits the hospital Chapel to pray the transplant is a success.

And Hunter is convinced his university lecturer Christina was hitting on him during their last training session at the gym. But will the student take advantage of the situation to get what he wants?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5