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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy is heartbroken by Maggie's goodbye letter

Home and Away Week26 Ziggy

Ziggy reaches a surprise life-changing decision after reading the contents of her mum Maggie's emotional goodbye letter...

Following Ziggy's accidental discovery of her mum Maggie's goodbye letters, Ziggy, her younger sister Coco and Maggie's husband Ben all feel betrayed as they think Maggie is admiting defeat and has given up fighting the cancer.

Ben and Ziggy are both devastated by the contents of Maggie's letters to them. But realising how much she loves the family, they decide not to waste another precious moment bickering. Ziggy confides in Coco that she has reached a big decision. Afraid her mum won't be around to see so many life milestones, Ziggy decides she's going to pop the question to boyfriend Brody!

Meanwhile, John is still keeping a close eye on Raffy and Ty after the kissing incident. But he assures a worried Ty that his foster placement isn't under threat because of what's happened.

Elsewhere, Mason and Hunter try and convince Olivia to join them at the Singles Mingle being hosted at Salt. Will Olivia put her pride aside and head out in search of a new fella?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5