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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy Morgan and Dean Thompson kiss!

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson
7085 Ziggy (S.DILLMAN) kisses Dean (P.O’CONNOR)

Brody who? Ziggy puts the heartbreak of her doomed marriage behind her and celebrates her birthday by snogging buddy Dean!

Ziggy Morgan is feeling well and truly down-in-the-dumps on her 21st birthday. After all, she's just split-up with her husband Brody, who has been having an affair with school teacher Simone Bedford.

Ziggy's dad Ben Astoni manages to get her out of the house and down to the beach, where she bumps into buddy Dean Thompson... and then the fun begins!

Ziggy and Dean have always enjoyed a laugh together, especially when they worked alongside each other at the local garage.

So Dean takes it upon himself to throw a birthday celebration for her at the Caravan Park complete with a case of beer and a cupcake. Yum!

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Morgan

Are Ziggy and Dean about to become more than just good friends? (Picture: Channel 5)

But as the pair get through the beers, there's clearly a spark between them. So when they find themselves together in Dean's caravan, Ziggy doesn't hesitate to seize the moment and give Dean a BIG snog! But how will he react?

Home and Away, Jett Palmer

Jett has been left paralysed (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, down at the hospital, nurse Jasmine Delaney tries to offer some emotional support as Jett Palmer tries to process the news he may never walk again, after being caught in an explosion in Afghanistan which caused irreparable damage to his spinal cord.

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