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Home and Away spoilers: John and Justin catch Raffy and Ty kissing!

When Raffy and Ty first met they couldn't stand each other. But foster dad John's in for a surprise when he catches the teenagers kissing!

Foster dad John Palmer and his wife Marilyn have been rather confused about what's going on between their foster kids, Raffy Morrison and Ty Anderson.

First Raffy and Ty seem to hate each other, getting into trouble for a causing a scene at school, and the next minute they are laughing away together at home. But John and Raffy's older sibling Justin Morgan are in for a shock when they enter the house and catch the teenagers kissing!

Elsewhere, Leah continues to attract the internet trolls with her new website. But little does she know, student Ryder Jackson has filmed Leah's rant about internet trolls and intends to help her shut the bullies down by uploading the video. But will Ryder just make things worse?

Meanwhile at the hospital, cancer patient Maggie Astoni is worried time is running out for her if another suitable stem cell donor isn't found. Secretly she begins writing a set of emotional goodbye letters to her husband Ben and daughters Ziggy and Coco...

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5