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Home and Away spoilers: Evil Ebony plots to poison Robbo!


Things take a deadly turn as Ebony goes ahead with her plan to poison both Colby and his suspicious flatmate Robbo. Will Ebony get away with murder?

With Colby's police career in ruins, Robbo continues his quest to discover who is behind the copper's downfall.

After a chat with Alf, Robbo still believes it's no coincidence that bad things started happening when Ebony arrived in the Bay. Determined to find out what Ebony is up to, Robbo continues to play along with their 'romance' and invites her over for lunch at the Pierside Apartment.

But little does Robbo realise, there's murder on the menu! Aware the ex-Federal Agent could be onto her, Ebony drops the poison her mum Hazel provided into Robbo's glass of champagne! Will he take a fatal sip of the poisoned drink?

Meanwhile, after a heart-to-heart with his future son-in-law, Ben is touched when Brody offers to pay for the wedding when he discovers Ben has looked into taking out a bank loan. But with Maggie still sick from her chemotherapy treatment for cancer, the pressure is on to find the right wedding date so Maggie can be present at the ceremony. How will Brody react when Ziggy announces she wants them to get hitched in two weeks' time!

Caught-up in the romantic thrills of her brother Brody's wedding plans, Tori discusses her own dream wedding plans with boyfriend Ash. But will Tori accidentally scare off Ash with all her talk about their romantic future?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5