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Home and Away spoilers: Will Ryder Jackson get to re-sit his exams?

Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Ryder Jackson

Ryder fears he's stuffed up his future after flunking his Year 11 school exams. Can Roo and Alf work their magic to get him another chance?

While Raffy Morrison is thrilled at the news she has made it through to Year 12 at Summer Bay High, her friend Ryder Jackson is down-in-the-dumps after failing his exams.

Ryder realises he only has himself to blame for possibly stuffing up his future, since he went off the rails at the time, starting drinking, hanging out with bad boy Dean Thompson, announced he was dropping out of school and then handed in a blank exam paper on the day of the Year 11 exams!

But deciding to get his act together, Ryder tells his granddad Alf Stewart and aunt Roo he's decided to return to school and wants to re-sit his Year 11 exams. However, the trouble is, the folks at the Education Department aren't willing to give the lad another chance.

Home and Away, Roo Stewart, Ryder Jackson

Can Roo help her nephew Ryder get the chance to re-sit his Year 11 school exams? (Picture: Channel 5)

Then again, could a stern word from Alf into the ear of the District Education Officer get Ryder another shot?

Elsewhere, Mason Morgan is stressed out trying to study for his final medical exams while balancing family demands and his busy job as personal trainer at the gym.

So when Mason heads to The Diner thinking he'll get some peace and quiet for some quality study time, he's not impressed when his friends and family start hassling him over getting involved in Maggie Astoni's fundraiser for cancer research.

It's all too much for med student Mason... and he snaps!

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