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Home and Away Spoilers: Copper Colby Thorne in shock shoot-out!

Will policeman Colby Thorne save the day and rescue kidnapped Ava Morgan?

After discovering the truth about Willow's past connection to Hazel Easton and her criminal son, Boyd, Justin reluctantly agrees to let Willow be the go-between in a plan to get his daughter Ava safely back.

Under guidance from copper Colby, Willow takes the ransom money to meet with Boyd. Hidden out of sight, Colby and the police prepare to pounce. But they’re not the only ones looking out for Willow as her River Boy bestie Dean is also lurking in the woods. But things go horribly wrong when Boyd discovers the police ambush and tries to escape. Colby fires his gun just as Dean is hit by Boyd’s car and thrown to the ground! Is Dean dead?

At the hospital, Maggie tries to put a brave face on as strands of her hair start to fall out after the chemotherapy treatment. Ben is determined to remain strong for his family. But seeing him struggling, Irene and Marilyn have a kind-hearted plan to help.

Catch Home and Away, weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:30pm on Channel 5.