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Home and Away spoilers: Willow Harris's gambling addiction returns...

Home and Away, Willow Harris

Stressed out by boyfriend Justin's ultimatum and being separated from ex-boyfriend Dean, will Willow be driven to start gambling again?

Willow Harris is feeling down-in-the-dumps now that her ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson appears to have moved on so easily with his life.

OK, so she sort of didn't give him much choice in the matter since Willow turned her back on Dean after her fed-up boyfriend Justin Morgan warned her to ditch dodgy Dean or their relationship would be over.

Having just turned down friend Chelsea Campbell's invite to be Maid of Honour at her wedding, in order to avoid Dean who is the Best Man, Willow is feeling more stressed-out than ever.

Secretly, she re-downloads an online gambling app to her phone as her gambling addiction threatens to return. Will Justin catch Willow in the gambling act?

Home and Away, Ben Astoni, Maggie Astoni

Maggie is excited as plans for the Do It For Cancer Fundraiser continue to take shape (Picture: Channel 5)

Home and Away, Maggie Astoni

Maggie feels awkward when she finds her face is the main focus of the flyer for the charity fundraiser (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, plans for the Do It For Cancer Fundraiser continue with Maggie Astoni pleased her big cancer charity fundraiser is coming together.

However, Maggie is thrown when she discovers the flyers for the fundraiser feature a big photo of her, leaving the mum worried her personal battle with cancer is becoming everyone's sole focus. Can Maggie find a way to delicately tell her friends to change the focus to include the stories of other cancer survivors just like her?

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