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Home and Away spoilers: Willow Harris slaps Jasmine Delaney!


With her money troubles mounting, Willow snaps when Jasmine confronts her over the stolen gym equipment and her gambling debts - and slaps her!

Jasmine is shocked after discovering Willow has paid back the rent money by selling stolen goods. But Willow is defensive when Jasmine confronts her at the gym about her bad behaviour.

Jasmine wonders how fitness instructor Willow has got herself into financial trouble. But the mystery is solved when Jasmine overhears a conversation between Willow and her boyfriend Dean about her online gambling. However, when Jasmine approaches Willow about her gambling addiction, Willow's defences are up again and she slaps the well-meaning hospital nurse! The incident is witnessed by a shocked Leah and Marilyn. Is Willow out of control?

Having been chosen as his brother Brody's best man, Mason is determined to throw Brody a buck's night to remember and turns to buddy Hunter for help.

Meanwhile, the women of Summer Bay rally to help Maggie with daughter Ziggy's wedding preparations. But still feeling sick after her latest chemotherapy session, angry Maggie takes out her frustrations on her well-meaning friends Roo, Leah and Marilyn.

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5