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Is Hunter going to prison?

Will Hunter's past finally catch up with him?

Irene's anxious as she waits for Olivia and Hunter at the police station. Olivia emerges and explains to Irene that Hunter committed a robbery at The Diner and it resulted in Marilyn getting electrocuted. When Olivia explains that she knew about the robbery, Irene's furious. Meanwhile, Hunter's still being questioned by the police, who tell him will face a prison sentence if Marilyn decides to press charges. Will Marilyn let Hunter off the hook? 

Meanwhile, Justin gets a call from Brody's lawyer informing him that someone has requested access to Brody's files. He sets off to see Kat to see if she knows anything but Kat is clueless. After some digging, Kat finds out that the person requesting to see Brody's files is from Adelaide. Justin asks Scarlett if she has any contacts that can help and Scarlett nervously agrees to do some digging. And it doesn't take long to discover that the person going through Brody's files isn't looking for Brody, they are looking for her!

With little time to spare, Scarlett explains she's on the run form her ex-husband and Justin agrees to help her make a quick getaway. Just as Justin and Scarlett start to make their getaway, however, Scarlett comes face to face with her past…