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Imogen collapses!

Imogen's dismayed when Terese tells her the police want to speak to her again about her car. Mason tries to reassure her that all she has to do is stick to the story that she was home in bed and didn't know the car had been stolen. But the pressure of the situation is growing on her, and when she gets a lousy exam result, it all becomes too much. Brad finds her collapsed, coughing up blood.

Kate can't understand why Mason won't tell her where he was the night Robbo was hit. He insists she just trust him, but she can't help being suspicious as to why he won't give a straight answer. She takes her concerns to Paul who, believing that Marty was responsible, tries to convince her Mason didn't do it.

It's Imogen who points out to Mason how difficult he's making it for Kate to trust him. He goes to Kate and tells her what happened - about the memento of Amber and how he went to the old radio station looking for Robbo's laptop. Kate believes him and confirms she will support his alibi.

Georgia, deeply unsettled about not having been able to save Robbo, struggles to understand how it could have happened. When Paul offers her a gig at Charlie's that night, she's excited at the prospect but turns it down as she's got a shift at the hospital. But the trauma of the memory of losing Robbo proves too much for her and she ducks the shift in favour of playing the gig.