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Is Hannah walking again?

Hannah calls Andy to come home from work and he is shocked to find her walking. Hannah and Oscar return from their trip and are ecstatic about her results.

Nate returns Kat to her caravan after her drunken attempt at seduction, much to her embarrassment. The next day, Phoebe and Kat see Nate, which prompts Kat to confess last night's embarrassing moment. Kat decides to throw caution to the wind and loudly asks Nate on a date at The Diner, sealing it with a kiss.

Spencer is withdrawn after seeing his father, so Roo subtly brings up the sensitive subject. Spencer admits there is still unfinished business between him and his dad and decides it time to move back home and heal old wounds.

The teenagers come together to make sure that the Anzac service goes without a hitch. With Alf unable to attend, Roo hatches a plan to make sure he's discharged from hospital.