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Is Imogen in denial about her eating disorder?

After finding Imogen's empty cupcake box, a concerned Susan subtly tries to find out if she might have an eating disorder. Imogen denies it but Susan's still keen to discuss the matter with her parents. Panicking, Imogen derails Susan's efforts but Imogen's actions have only made Susan more suspicious. Once she's alone, Imogen resorts to bingeing, Susan was right.

Amber discovers that Josh tried to text message her about his feelings but she didn't she receive it? She soon realises Robbo deleted the message. Amber convinces Josh that she has nothing to do with Robbo anymore, but guiltily stays silent about the fact she slept with him.

Josh is glad and he reaches out again, by asking her to give their relationship another shot. Amber agrees, and they organise a casual date that night. But when Imogen lets slip that Amber recently slept with Robbo, Josh is furious.

Kate rallies entrants for Georgia's 'Dads of Erinsborough' photo exhibition. But Matt is disappointed when he discovers Bailey's entry: a photo of him at work. When he sees Imogen's photo of Brad in boardies mucking around, he can't help but look at himself as a less than fun dad. Lauren urges Bailey to capture a different side of Brad's personality, to soothe his bruised ego.