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Jai and Leyla are caught kissing!

*First episode*

With Teddy-cam all set up and trained to catch Rachel’s every move with Archie, Jai should be feeling calm. But he’s still not convinced his son is safe and, fuelled by anxiety, he demands Rachel allows him to have a few hours with their son. Having checked him over, Jai then turns his attentions to his secret lover Leyla. But as he reveals he’s in love with her and tells her they’ll soon be together, their passionate kiss and conversation is caught on the Teddy-cam…

When James tells Cain an expensive piece of farm machinery has packed up, the mechanic knows who can cover the cost. Robert! While Aaron falls for his uncle’s chat that he’s no longer toying with Robert, Cain is lying. But when he threatens to expose Robert’s affair with Aaron to his father-in-law Lawrence unless he coughs up, Robert bites back vowing to tell Aaron about Cain’s kiss with Chrissie!

Elsewhere, Finn’s on the receiving end of an unwanted secret when Ross admits he’s been sleeping with Pete’s fiancee Debbie. Finn is utterly horrified.