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Will Mrs Tembe love JJ's surprise?

(Image credit: BBC)

Things are starting to look up for JJ's career ...

Mrs Tembe returns home to find JJ in an upbeat mood. At first, Mrs Tembe is worried he's drunk, but she's delighted to hear that JJ has secured a brand new job! JJ explains that the job is perfect for him as it is at a biker bar. Not only has JJ got himself a new job, he's made dinner and also has a surprise for Mrs Tembe. During their romantic dinner, JJ and Mrs Tembe talk about their future together and then he brings out his surprise – the biker bar's karaoke machine! Will Mrs Tembe be impressed?

Back at The Campus, a nervous Sid has a therapy session with Megan. Instead of discussing how he feels after witnessing such a horrific accident, Sid starts discussing his lack of self-confidence. Sid and Megan run out of time, but Megan wants Sid to come back for another therapy session. Will he say yes?