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Joanie’s done a bunk!

Joanie Dingle

Can Joanie be persuaded to return to the village?

Cain’s relieved when Liv finds out where Joanie has disappeared to. But it’s Lisa who heads out to have words with the gran. After all that’s been said and done, can Lisa persuade her to return to Emmerdale ?

Elliot makes a confession to his dad about Nicola’s necklace. Jimmy tells his son they’ll have to come clean – and also return it to the rightful owner. Will they pull it off?

Chrissie alarms Ronnie when she offers him the chance to buy the watch Lawrence gave him for Christmas, knowing full well he sold it to Pollard!

Kasim squirms and then scarpers when Emma suggests he move in with the family. Kerry’s hopeful when Pierce arranges a meeting with the Sharmas to try to settle their dispute out of court.