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John Paul is pushed to breaking point

John Paul is mortified when Nancy tells him the local paper is running a story on him being a hero. He smashes the photographer's camera when they ask him to hug Finn. Later, Finn finds out John Paul wanted to leave him to die. Finn and Robbie decide more revenge is needed and Robbie locks his teacher in the store cupboard. Jason frees the panic-stricken teacher and John Paul knows it was Robbie. Memories of the night when Finn raped him return, resulting in John Paul punching his student. Nancy tries to stop her friend but John Paul runs away as an ambulance is called.

Despite their disastrous 'date' at the strip club, Darren tries to help Leela when he sees her in the village the next morning, still drunk. Nancy gets the wrong idea when Leela emerges from Darren's bathroom.

Sinead is furious when Lindsey suggests she's lying about Katy's illness for attention and storms into the doctor's meeting to tell her exactly what she thinks of her. Back at home, Diane and Freddie are frightened when Sinead shows them a nappy with blood in it and they call an ambulance.

Blessing is sympathetic to Dennis when he tells her about Leanne and he offers her a room, rent-free at the boarding house.