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John Paul walks in on Porsche and Lockie!

Porsche returns home from another night out, grabs Lockie and takes him upstairs. John Paul walks in on the pair scantily-clad on the bed and, following his kiss with Lockie, he storms out!

Meanwhile, Dr S'Avage tells the McQueens that Phoebe can have brain surgery, but that it's a risky procedure. Mercedes is furious with Lindsey's attempts to stop the family agreeing to the op but softens when Lindsey tells her about Kath. The McQueens decide to go ahead with the surgery.

Robbie is released from prison and heads straight over to see Phoebe. Scared that she will die in theatre, Robbie locks her hospital room door and won't let the medical staff in to operate on her!

Cindy begs an awkward Jason to help with her book but, flustered at her flirty innuendos, he rudely refuses. Later, he takes her some food to say sorry but she announces that she's working alone from now on.

Brutus goes missing and Trevor is contacted by mystery kidnappers, who we see are Dylan and Nico. Trevor susses who is behind the kidnap and finds Dylan and Nico hiding in the florist's.

Also, Ben and Sienna arrange their date.