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Johnny reveals he’s Carla’s dad!

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

When Johnny reveals that he’s Carla’s father, she demands to know why he’s suddenly decided to reveal his secret now and Johnny admits that Rob’s been blackmailing him. Meanwhile, Roy’s annoyed when Carla fails to show up and he misses watching the chess match. As Carla apologises for letting him down, Johnny begs her not to spill the beans to Aidan and Kate.

Rob drops the bombshell on Tracy that there is no appeal, he simply wanted to ruin her life. After storming out, Tracy calls in the bistro and lying through her teeth, begs Robert for another chance, telling him how she was never in love with Rob.

When Nessa falls off her bike and injures her ankle, Audrey sets off to help. Ken admits to Audrey that the cycling wasn’t nearly as exhausting as Nessa’s conversation and Audrey senses a glimmer of hope.

With the scores level pegging at the ping-pong tournament, Aidan and Richie O’Driscoll play the deciding match. Emily proudly tells Rita and Norris how Spider is working in an orphanage in Peru.