Josh and Naomi get hot and heavy

Naomi offers a heartbroken Josh a day's work and tells him to get a dating app on his phone called Ziva. They both check out each other's online profiles and when Josh senses Naomi is flirting with him, he makes a clumsy pass. After encouragement from Kyle, unaware they are discussing Naomi, Josh decides not to give up. Later, Naomi and Josh ride up together in the lift. It's hot and confined and the pair kiss.

Paul questions Lucy's judgement about asking Chris to father her child. But she points out that time is running out for her. It's only when Paul has a chance encounter with Chris that he realises the idea possibly has some merit and offers to support Lucy. Ultimately, a confused Chris meets with Lucy and the pair agree to give the idea more time.

At school, a student undermines Susan's authority by making reference to 'The Book of Secrets' as Karl tries to avoid Sheila who teases him mercilessly about the book. That is, until an attractive female, Aimee, thanks Karl for saving her marriage.

Aimee then tells Susan she is fortunate to have such a sensual husband but a furious Susan asks Karl to shut it down. When he refuses she makes it clear he won't be getting 'sensual' with her until he does.

Ellen Markwardt
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