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Josh is kidnapped!

Andy wants to know what Jake has in store for Brax, but Jake tells him to be patient. When Andy heads to the Braxton household he is greeted with open arms. Has he made the wrong decision?

Andy realises he needs to stop Jake's revenge over Brax, but its too late as the wheels have been set in motion for Brax's death. A horrified Andy doesn't know what to do and frightened Josh is kidnapped by two henchmen.

When Casey sees how far Denny is going to help Josh prepare for prom, he finds out she never attended her own. As a surprise, he organises a romantic meal at Angelo's, where they have the place to themselves. Casey tells Brax he thinks Denny is the one.

Roo finds a tipsy Marilyn at Angelo's, where the bride-to-be believes she should take a step back to let John and Shandi get to know each other. When she arrives home she tells John the same thing. Is it over for the pair?