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Home and Away Spoilers: Justin spends time with his daughter

Justin will be getting to know Ava a little better

Willow is confused when Nina and Ava are at the Morgans' front door. Nina tells Justin she needs him to have Ava for the next month. Justin is astounded by the news and Willow is even more shocked by the news that Justin has a daughter. Are things over for the couple?

It's good news for Mason, as he gets his placement back at the hospital. However, rather than concentrating on his own career, he tries to help Jasmine get a job as a nurse at the hospital. Will Mason be able to help Jasmine?

With Justin spending time with Ava, Willow starts to feel neglected. Will this push her into the arms of Dean? Also, Dean has a health scare - can Colby and Willow get help in time?