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Kat gets Dylan suspended!

When Kat returns to work, Dylan makes things difficult so she asks Leah if she remembers any signs that he was dodgy. Leah recalls Morag saying she had bad feelings about a connection to the judge after Zac was denied bail. Kat talks to the judge, who admits Dylan knew about an extramarital affair he was having, and used that to blackmail him to refuse Zac bail. Kat takes the judge's statement to McCarthy, who is appalled and announces that Dylan is suspended until further notice. Kat's worried it's still not over and it turns out she's right when Dylan starts watching her house.

Olivia's still fragile after her abortion while Hunter feels at a loss over how to help. Meanwhile, Olivia stares at the scars on her legs before searching for a razor. Suddenly, Hunter arrives at the front door and she assures him she's fine.

Evelyn begs Skye not to fall under Tank's spell, while VJ vents about his worry for Skye to Hunter, who's more preoccupied with concern for Olivia. Despite Evelyn's warning, Skye meets with Tank again and the pair are soon closer then ever.

Also, Phoebe claims she's fine with Ash staying at the Farm House, but the truth is, she's finding it a bit weird.