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Kat attacks a customer at Salt!

Katrina Chapman in Home and Away

Kat sees red when she faces a difficult customer at work...

Kat starts her new job at Salt and her first shift is a total nightmare! She's embarrassed when Ash and her old work colleagues see her waitressing and has to deal with the customer from hell – leading to her arrest!

As Evelyn continues to drown in the sea, there is a glimmer of hope, when a mysterious hand pulls her out of the water. Who does the hand belong to?

Justin tells Brody about his feelings for Phoebe, but Brody isn't convinced. He warns Justin that Phoebe is a friend and not another notch on his bedpost. Will Justin listen or will Phoebe get hurt once again?

Meanwhile, Tori pays Duncan a visit, and it doesn't take long before the pair are kissing.