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Kerry’s thrilled when Kyle moves in full-time!

Kerry Wyatt, Dan Sinclair

Kerry is chuffed when she and Dan are asked to take her grandson Kyle in full-time

*Second episode*

All Kerry’s Christmases come at once when she and Dan end up being asked to look after Kyle full-time. The gran gets her big chance after Zak puts his foot in it with Kyle’s social worker, Linda. But will thrilled Kerry’s dream home life last?

In church, Harriet is taken aback to find Emma working through some serious emotional issues. Will the vicar throw the mum a lifeline?

Aaron’s left wondering what to do for the best after he’s forced to carry his drunken teen sister home. A conversation with Vanessa gives Carly food for thought about Marlon’s offer to move in. And David’s put out when his wife Tracy refuses to let him read the racy novel she’s written.