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Is Lachlan about to inherit a fortune in Emmerdale?

Lachlan White

Lachlan meets with his solicitor to discuss inheritance in the wake of his mum and granddad's deaths

Lachlan's in a right old mess. He's caused the deaths of his mum and granddad, he's homeless and he's desperately hoping no one will ever find out he caused the car crash which wiped out half his family and put his aunt in a coma! At least he's got Belle back, eh?

With this all weighing on his shoulders, it's time for guilt-ridden Lachlan to meet with the solicitor and find out what his mum and granddad's wills have to say. As well as killing them both, he put the pair through hell when they were alive… Will his inheritance reflect that or is Lucky about to get, er, lucky?

Working for the enemy, aka Joe Tate, isn't doing much for Jimmy's status in the village. His name is mud! Can he persuade people that his inside info on Joe, who's trying to ruin the Dingles, could help the family's cause?