Leah goes missing

Alf, Roo, Marilyn, John and Irene are discussing Leah's health, just as she walks into The Diner. Leah starts to have a headache, but when John suggests he calls Zac, she runs off. Meanwhile, VJ confides in Jett about Leah's aneurism and refusal to have an operation. Later, Matt convinces VJ to come to Maddy's party to give Zac and Leah some alone time. However, things go awry when Leah refuses to open up and loses her temper when Zac tells her to take a step back from work.

Later, a concerned Alf meets with Zac to discuss Leah. However, their conversation is interrupted when VJ tells Zac that Leah hasn’t returned home. Friends and family send out search parties as Leah wonders through the bush...

At Maddy's party, Oscar's awkward and becomes hot under the collar when he and Maddy are forced to play a game of Twister together. Later, Oscar tells Evelyn he won’t jeopardise his friendship with Maddy; while Maddy tells Roo she still has feelings for Oscar.

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