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Leanne and Simon move in with Kal

With no electricity in her flat, Kal insists Leanne and Simon must stay at No 6 with him, but Zeedan makes it clear they’re not welcome.

Owen considers Linda’s offer to leave his life in Weatherfield but chooses to stay with Anna. Later, Linda comes in the pub to make a further shocking announcement and both Anna and Owen are left reeling.

Gavin explains to Gail how Andy staged the mugging to pay him off but he was £2,500 short. Gail implores him not to tell Michael the truth, knowing the shock could kill him. Gavin tells Gail he’ll keep quiet in return for the £2,500. Horrified, Gail agrees and rushes to the registry office to get married.

Todd writes a profile for Eileen on a dating website, lying about her age. Julie’s gutted to learn that Dev’s uncle has died and he’ll be staying in India longer than he first intended.