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Leanne’s waters break in a lift!

Leanne in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

After getting stuck in a lift with Toyah, Leanne suddenly goes in to labour. Will they get out in time for her to give birth in hospital?

Peter persuades Ken to lend him the money for a consultation at a private fertility clinic. Meanwhile, Toyah witnesses Leanne forgiving Eva for her part in keeping Toyah and Peter’s relationship a secret, and follows Leanne into the Victoria Court lift, where she gives her both barrels. Suddenly the lift judders to a halt and the girls panic, especially when Leanne’s waters break!

Steve tells Robert that Michelle confessed to trying to kiss him, but deeply regrets it. Will Robert mask his hurt? Steve and Michelle head off to the seaside with Ruairi’s ashes.

After spending the night at Nathan’s, Bethany lies to Sarah and Gary, telling she crashed on Mel’s sofa. But will Rana and Kate reveal where she’s really been?

Craig’s annoyed to discover Liam’s let Darryl escape from his cage. Brian assures Roy he’ll look for alternative lodgings.