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Hollyoaks spoilers: Leela and Ste are devastated to learn Tegan has brain damage

Hollyoaks, Tegan Lomax

There's upsetting news for Leela and Ste when they learn Tegan has brain damage and will never fully recover....

Leela and Ste are full of optimism when Tegan manages to move her finger for the first time, however their hopes are soon dashed when the doctor reveals she has brain damage.

Meanwhile, Leela is incredulous when Ste shows more support to Ryan than his own sister, Tegan, and in fit of fury she has unleashes her anger.

Elsewhere, Grace is at war with Glenn after he tried to coerce her into having sex with his mate Jay, for money.  She accuses him of prostituting her out but Glenn soon turns on the emotional blackmail.

Plus, Sienna puts on a brave face and tells Joel she’s taking Sebastian to a baby group. Meanwhile a guilty Joel continues his secret affair with Cleo and assures her he’s going to end his relationship with Sienna but has someone just overheard him?