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Lily wants Prince – tattoo and all!

prince lily tattoo

Even with his botched tattoo, Lily decides Prince is the only man for her...

Prince returns to Hollyoaks and he and Lily decide they want to be together – despite his dodgy tattoo of her name 'Lilo'! Diane catches them about to sleep together and throws Prince out, but Lily the next day wants to pick up where they left off…

As Warren tells Grace he's still in love with Sienna, Grace turns up to tell Sienna all about their affair – will she go through with it?

Luke covers for Darren when Nancy questions his whereabouts, so Darren gives him his wages early. But is Luke being totally honest with Darren?

Meanwhile in Ibiza, Neeta apologises to Hunter but, when Alfie and Tom tease him, he runs off. Can Neeta calm him down?