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Lisa goes berserk in Price Slice!

As a smug Lisa tells her parents about Zack and Sonia's relationship, Sonia knows when she’s beaten and Lisa smiles as her rival is forced to leave The Bean under Simone's glare. Zack's furious with his sister when he realises how conniving she's been, and decides to take back control of his family. Later, Lisa swipes the keys to Price Slice and, when Sonia sees Lisa trashing the shop, they fight and Sonia stops her smashing the place up. When Lisa spots her family walking through the village, however, she pours sauce on her own head and frames Sonia!

When Tom buys cinema tickets for him and Jade, Darren suspects the youngster might have a crush on her. Jade realises what Tom’s up to and gives her ticket to Peri. When Peri tries to kiss Tom, he makes it clear they’re just friends and confides in Darren that he really likes Jade.

Ellie walks in on Nathan and Holly in bed together. Later, Holly finds out that Ellie lied about Rachel’s affair and confronts her – but will she tell Nathan?

Also, Tony prepares for a job interview. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the job and sadly rescues The Hutch sign from the bin.