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Lisa Loveday goes off the rails!

Rachel Adedeji plays Lisa Loveday in Hollyoaks

Lisa Loveday is lashing out in Hollyoaks... but does she have a sensitive side?

Lisa’s gone completely off the rails but Nathan promises Simone he’ll keep an eye on her. As the power goes out in the village, Simone and Zack share their thoughts about Lisa, while Lisa and Nathan play truth or dare and Nathan is surprised by Lisa’s vulnerability.

The blackout occurs just as Grace arrives at Sienna’s flat. Grace asks Sienna to tell her about the Trevor she knew. Surprisingly, they bond but Grace’s rage returns when she later sees Sienna and Warren together.

Also, Celine tells John Paul there’s a chance his sight might not return. John Paul and Scott finally have a conversation about their relationship and John Paul breaks up with him. James still wants to be with John Paul so he offers to look after him at his and Marnie’s flat. Marnie, however, soon gives James second thoughts.

Later, James takes John Paul to the McQueens, where he tells him about his and Joanne’s bet. But is he just being cruel to be kind?