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Liv lands Robert right in it!

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

*Hour-long episode*

Thinking that Robert is behind the nasty messages she keeps getting sent online, Liv decides to get revenge. And when she works out that Robert paid Ryan to lie about Gordon abusing him, Liv knows how she’s going to get payback. Making Ryan an offer of her own, she offers to pay him to tell the police about the bribe.

Later, Liv’s at Gordon’s funeral and she’s struggling. When she runs out of the ceremony it’s Robert who runs after her and offers his support. Touched, Liv feels terrible about what she’s done and tries to tell Ryan the plan is off – but it’s too late! Robert is arrested, and Aaron is horrified to learn Liv was behind it.

With Cain having walked out on Moira, Adam gives his stepdad a piece of his mind. Another barb from a different villager later prompts Cain to apologise to his wife. As they settle their differences, Cain presents Moira with a drug testing kit and reveals he wants to test Holly.

Belle’s concerned when she sees Dr Bailey getting collared by Cain. Her worry gives the doctor hope that she may still have feelings for him after all.