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Long Lost Family - ITV

Long lost family S8 ep2/7

In this week's Long Lost Family, Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell meet their first transgender searcher and investigate the case of a woman separated from her Italian mother

Most of the people who search for their family members on this show are worried about whether or not their long-lost relatives will accept them, but 43-year-old Francesca (above with his birth mother Norma) has more reason than most.

She was born as a boy, named Paul, until she realised 11 years ago that she was transgender and decided to begin the long transitioning process.

So will her birth mother accept that the baby son she gave up all those years ago is now a daughter?

Reunited in Italy Silvana is Maria Roberts's birth cousin

Reunited in Italy Silvana is Maria Roberts's birth cousin

Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall also meet Maria, 53, whose Italian mother, Gilda, was forced to give her up for adoption in tragic circumstances when her fiancé was killed in a car crash.

Although Gilda fled to England to have her baby, Maria’s mission to find her takes her on a soul-searching trip to Italy. Another weepy…

TV Times rating: *****