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Maddy collapses!

Maddy is thrilled that she can return to school. Feeling faint, Maddy assures Roo it's the heat and cleaning up the car park. She invites Oscar to the cinema as friends but things take a dark turn when she collapses.

Sasha is stunned when Matt says she could be right about his dad getting professional help. To forget his worries, Matt decides to perform at the open mic night. However, things go downhill when Gray turns up drunk and causes a scene. Matt tells his dad to get help or they are over.

Zac takes VJ for pizza in a bid to help him open up before movie night; however, VJ clams up when he spots Leah heading in their direction. He then admits to Zac he's not sleeping because he feels guilty about Nate's injuries...

Phoebe does her best to entice people away from the movie night, but Jett tells people Angelo's has been infested by rats! An angry Phoebe retaliates by stealing the film projector.