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Mark hides Steph and Belinda from Ari

Mark Brennan in Neighbours

Mark Brennan goes to extreme lengths to protect Steph and Belinda

While following up a lead with snake handler Ari's boss, Mark Brennan gets a call from Steph saying Belinda has shown up. When he learns from Belinda that Ari was a psychotic ex-patient who was infatuated with her - Mark decides to hide the women in a safe house.

When Elly discovers Piper's made a formal complaint against her, she sneakily pressures Ned into accessing Piper's phone for the damaging formal vlog footage, which Piper took offline, shaming Elly. After examining the material, who will Susan believe?

Also, Amy attends confession and unburdens herself about her trust issues. But when Mark asks if anything odd happened she's suspicious. Will she discover the listening device?