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Marnie and James's restaurant opens for business!

Marnie's preparing the restaurant for the grand opening. James arrives just in time for Marnie to cut the ribbon, while Mac and Neeta are annoyed by Marnie's choice of name for the restaurant. Meanwhile, Ste's had enough of James's smug attitude and, as he storms over to the police station, Harry squirms and tells Ste that he was in on the kidnap. Ste gloats to James that he knows everything – so James happily tells him about the night he spent with Harry!

Elsewhere, Jack and Mac are still keen to keep Jade and Alfie apart but the teens both have chemo at the same time. Later, smitten Tom promises to help Jade meet up with Alfie.

After Cameron and Leela argue about the text message she received, Leela's with Tegan, Jesse and Liam at The Bean when they're spotted by a jealous Cameron. Fed up of Cameron's angst, Leela decides to have some fun...

Also, Simone orders Louis to move out when he tells her his suspicions about Lisa.