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Matt and Maddy are in danger

Maddy wants to brave the storm in search of Oscar, so Matt decides to go with her to keep her safe. Unfortunately, their car gets stuck in the storm and, when Matt gets out to get help, he’s hit on the head by a tree branch.

Nate comes home soaked from the storm. He gets undressed so he can have a warm bath, but while in the bathroom, Ricky moves his clothes and finds the engagement ring. She quickly puts it back and when Phoebe comes over, Ricky admits she does want to marry Nate.

When Olivia brings Hunter home, she spots a bottle of vodka and asks Irene if she is planning a night out. Olivia and Hunter snuggle up on the sofa and, just as they lean in for a kiss, Hunter scarpers when he feels the scars on Olivia's legs. But when she shows up at Alf's house and the pair end up kissing. Later, Leah offers to drop Olivia back home when she innocently mentions Irene's large bottle of vodka…