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Matt and Sasha argue about their future

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Sasha realises she’ll have to come to Summer Bay every time she and Matt want to see each other, leaving her with little time to study. Sasha finds out she’s failed her assignment and it becomes clear a long-distance relationship isn’t working. So she decides to transfer to a closer university, which Matt thinks is a bad idea.

Evelyn and Josh are about to have sex for the very first time, when Josh backs out. Later, Josh surprises Evelyn by decorating his room with fairy lights as he wants her first time to be special. Evelyn realises how much she means to him and they sleep together.

VJ is giving it all at boxing training, as it is helping him get rid of the stress and anger associated with Leah’s illness. However, he’s sick of hitting a punching bag and wants a real fight, convincing Jett to be his opponent. Yet Zac and John both tell the boys it's not happening.