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Meet the Nightingales!

The Nightingale family descends on Hollyoaks: Mac, Ellie, Nathan, Alfie and Nathan's fiancé, Rachel. Darren's flustered when he sees Mac's gorgeous daughter, Ellie, and ends up spraying her with champagne. Jack hands over the keys to The Dog and it's revealed that Mac used to live in Hollyoaks. The Osbornes move into the Boarding House and tell a shocked Lockie he'll have to move out. Nancy takes Oscar and a downbeat Charlie to Price Slice but Charlie runs off.

As Mac tells his family about when he lived at the pub as a child, they're unaware Charlie's snuck into the cellar. Mac puts some boxes of beers in front of the door and accidentally traps him inside. Mac goes down to the cellar to call 'Neeta' and finds a petrified Charlie. He carries him home but Nancy and Darren are concerned by Charlie's behaviour. Ellie sees a message from Neeta appear on her dad's phone and pockets it. Later, Charlie has a nightmare about what he saw at Pride…

Leela asks Peri if she wants to go with her to Cameron's sentencing tomorrow, but she's not interested. Seeing Peri upset, Leela's surprised when her daughter opens up to her about her feelings towards baby Steph. Lockie asks Leela to write a victim impact statement for Cameron's trial so he can get a reduced sentence – will she agree?

Also, the Roscoe family are broken following recent events. Joe asks Lindsey to move back into the Roscoe house, so they can support each other. More people start to take notice of Cindy's claims that there's a serial killer at the hospital - but has the Gloved Hand Killer already covered their tracks?