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Megan and Sam kiss! (VIDEO)

It’s an emotional moment for Megan as Sam tells her she’s going to make the best mum in the world. Without thinking, a kiss happens moments before Jai arrives to see his ex and their baby daughter. While Jai remains unaware of what’s just happened, Megan reels, worried about what Sam is going to think. Knowing he’s got strong feelings for her, she doesn’t want to hurt her friend but she knows she must tell him nothing of a romantic nature will ever happen between them.

Elsewhere, Emma is concerned when she notices bruises on April’s arm. When the nurse asks the little girl how they got there, April avoids the question but stresses that her dad Marlon and her childminder Carly aren’t to know about them. Suspecting something horrible might be happening while April’s in Carly’s care, Emma starts to watch Carly like a hawk.

Broke, and with the wedding coming up, Rakesh has no idea how he’s going to finance his future.