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Mercedes is locked up!

Jennifer Metcalfe plays Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks

Mercedes is languishing in prison and Joe won't take her calls...

With Joe refusing to speak to Mercedes, who's banged up in prison for drug dealing, Diego’s doing what he can to help free her – but he can’t get hold of Maria. Myra’s furious when she finds out about Diego and Maria’s involvement in Mercedes’s arrest and that Maria is Diego’s ex-wife… Elsewhere, Joanne is delighted when Joe asks her to join him for some wine and they end up kissing.

Meanwhile, Tom’s preparing to leave for London when he starts being sick. When Tom tells an elated Peri that he’s staying, she’s suspicious that Nico has something to do with his ill health.

Also, Cameron tells his cousin, Courtney, that she’s not welcome when she arrives for his dad’s will-reading. As Courtney and Cameron lock horns, Leela finds herself stuck in the middle. Courtney persuades Tom to let Peri look after Steph.