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Michelle fools Paige again

Michelle turns up at the Turner house, revealing Dimato attacked her. If Mark finds out she's back in town, he'll inform the other police officers, which could put her in danger. Mark arrives unexpectedly and Michelle quickly hides. Paige agrees to let Michelle stay the night without Mark's knowledge. But while lying down, some of Michelle's bruise smears off, onto a pillow - revealing it to be fake.

Tyler tells Piper to ignore the feelings she has for him, as Brad would kill him. Reading into this that the only thing standing in their way is Brad, Piper privately vows to surmount this parental obstacle. Tyler, unaware of Piper's misunderstanding, assures Aaron that everything is sorted.

Daniel tells Terese he's applied for a hotel position but she tells him his connection with Paul is too strong. Later, Mrs Quill, the new hotel owner, drops in and while impressed with Daniel's abilities, she rejects him based on his work history with Lassiters. Yet when she sees how much Daniel annoys Paul, she agrees to give him a trial.