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Michelle kisses Nick!

Michelle in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Michelle puts her revenge plan into action when she leans in to kiss Nick.

As Michelle drowns her sorrows in the bistro she spreads poison in Nick’s ear, telling him it’s clear Leanne doesn’t care about him. As she plies him with wine, a furious Robert warns her she’s playing with fire but, ignoring his words, she invites him back to the salon flat. As Leanne looks for Nick, hoping to make up after their row, Michelle leans in and kisses him. Will Nick respond?

Daniel meets up with his lecturer who urges him to accept the place at Oxford, pointing out it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Will dithering Daniel reach a decision?

 Gail’s thrilled when David invites Maria round for tea, unaware it's all a set up and the cheeky pair are winding her up!