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Mike gets his memory back
Mike gets his memory back (Image credit: © 2006 American Broadcasting Com)

Under hypnosis, Mike starts to remember details of the day he first met Monique: she needed a plumber. Needing another tool for the job, he went to the store leaving his toolbox behind and, when he returned, someone else was there - but in his hypnotic state he can only remember seeing yellow rubber gloves. Orson refuses to go to the cops about the drugging incident, and admits to Bree that it's because he feels it's time he told her about what happened the night Monique died. Bree is infuriated by his revelation but he refuses to exonerate Mike for fear of putting himself in the frame for her murder. When Orson tells Alma and Gloria that Bree knows all about Monique's death, Alma suggests going to the police and Gloria stops her by locking her in the attic. Later, when Bree sees what she thinks is a bag of teeth hanging from a ladder outside the house, she climbs up to get it and falls, knocking herself out. At another hypnotherapy session, Mike remembers that it was Orson wearing the yellow gloves. Mike rushes over to the hospital where Orson is with Bree and confronts him in the car park. As the pair fight, Orson loses his balance and falls several floors to the ground. Also, Zach sabotages Gabrielle's date with one of his lawyers, Luke; the pizzeria's opening day gets off to a bad start and Ian proposes to Susan at wife Jane's funeral.

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