Monsters, Inc

Billy Crystal and John Goodman voice the original Monster mash from Pixar

The makers of Toy Story delivered the mesmerising goods again with this rib-tickling riot of colour, comedy and cutting-edge computer animation. John Goodman and Billy Crystal voice the two key characters, the bear-like Sulley and his little green one-eyed pal, Mike.

Their job is to frighten children (whose screams provide the power for their firm of Monsters Inc.), but modern kids are getting harder and harder to scare. Also, these monsters are really more like cuddly toys than scary creatures and, when one little tot follows them back into their secret city, the slapstick fun really starts.

Clever, cute and full of chuckles, this is a perfect piece of family entertainment. Kids will be entranced and grown-ups will be, too - in-between appreciating all the in-jokes and smart banter.