Morven flips out trying to avenge Jasmine!

Morven wants to uncover the truth about jasmine

The medic's looking for answers to explain how best pal Jasmine died - and she's determined to find them...

Ever since Dr Jasmine Burrows died suddenly, Dr Morven Digby has remained unconvinced that her best friend's death was an accident. And, this week, Morven does some digging in a bid to prove she's right.

Keen to get close to Jasmine's fiery sister Jac, Morven tells her she wants to move from AAU up to Darwin to work alongside her. When the two meet later, however, Morven starts to quiz Jac, urging her to admit that she, too, believes Jasmine’s death wasn’t an accident.

Jac then confides in AAU nurse Fran Reynolds, who realises Morven could be close to realising SHE was the one who pushed Jasmine, causing her to fall on the scalpel in her pocket that ultimately killed her, so she tries to throw Morven off the scent.

Later, though, when she sees Fran wearing a bracelet she knows belonged to Jasmine, Morven grows suspicious. Filled with anger, Morven confronts Fran, pins her against the wall in front of everyone on AAU, and orders her to reveal what she knows about Jasmine’s death!

As Morven's sent on compassionate leave following the incident, will she ever find out the truth?

Meanwhile, Sacha's feeling the pressure when Ric's granddaughter Darla is admitted to Keller with stomach pains. Darla needs an urgent op but Ric's son Kofi is a practising Jehovah's Witness and dead against his daughter having any surgery that could involve a blood transfusion. Will Sacha have the faith to be the best doctor he can be and save Darla?

Also, Matteo is thrown when Damon suggests there's still hope for his and Nina's relationship. Can Matteo put his male pride aside to try and rekindle the romance? And does Nina feel that same way?

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